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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lodi vs. Yellow Transparent smackdown

Lodi (R) and Yellow Transparent (R), both picked too soon
I confess that when I bought this very green Yellow Transparent I suspected it might be a Lodi, but when I put it by a real Lodi the differences were clear.

Lodi is one of several varieties heralded as a "better" more modern substitute for the flighty Yellow T. Consequently I have been wanting to put them head to head for several years.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yellow Transparent

The first of these luminous beauties had been off the tree too long.

The second was picked too soon.

But the third was just right.

Yellow Transparent, an heirloom from Russia, is small with a pale yellow skin and green lenticels. These are slightly conical and slightly ribbed. Most of my tasting samples had a very faint pink tinge on the sun-kissed side. The overripe one (shown) bruised very easily.

At eating peak, the flesh is crisp, medium-coarse, and juicy. The flavor is tart, a sort of Granny Smith lite, with some lime and a little gingery spice. There's a hit of lemonade in the bites I took from the Calyx end of the fruit, and a faint suggestion of cream soda.

This light, lively apple serves up refreshing tastes with verve and snap. It's not overwhelmingly sour, but if sweet's your thing this might not be for you. I liked mine a lot.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yellow Transparent (White Transparent) **

I got three pretty little Yellow Transparent apples at Lexington's farmers market last Tuesday.

These are small-to-medium apples with pale yellow-green skin attractively set off by darker green speckles. One has a faint pink blush about an inch in diameter. The flesh is white and fine-grained with yellow-green highlights and is pleasingly crisp with a satisfying crunch.

The Yellow Transparent has a delicate flavor with lime and vanilla notes and a good balance of tart and sweet. Really, this is a surprisingly sophisticated taste for such an early apple. There is a mildly acid finish and a hint of astringency. The thin skin just vanishes into the flesh when you eat it.