Saturday, July 7, 2018

Fraud gallery

In the last few years we've seen some new faces on the supermarket shelves.

Kiku is sweet and crisp and juicy. Mahana Red is crisp and juicy and sweet.

Kiku apple
Mahana Red apple
Mahana Red

Joburn is juicy and crisp and sweet, and Breeze is sweet and juicy and, mostly, crisp.

Joburn apple
Breeze apple

However, this is not another cranky post about how these apples are like crisp, sweet, juicy varieties we already have. It is a warning that these are varieties we already have.

In disguise. To fool you.

Kiku is Fuji, Mahana Red and Joburn are both Braeburn, and Breeze is Gala.

Fuji apple
Braeburn apple
Gala apple

These variants are minor sports. They look a little redder on the outside compared to the unbranded versions. (Breeze is noticeably different from plain vanilla Gala.)

But they all eat the same as their twins.

So enjoy if you like them, but don't be fooled.

Extra credit: I formally compared Kiku with Fuji, but did not bother with the others.


  1. While I knew what a sport was I had no idea they would propagate and run with them like this. I've never really researched "new" apples I've found and tasted (other than the Rocket apple and that was strictly due to the odd way they are only sold in tubes or buckets). Maybe I will now out of curiosity.

    1. Well, Rocket is no fraud. I rather like it, it has flavors.


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