Monday, September 25, 2017

This Week: Opalescent

For an old-fashioned, high-quality desert apple, try the splendid Opalescent—if you can! This heritage apple is hard to find.

Opalescent is large and handsome: I use this photo of it as my personal online avatar.

Opalescent tips:

  • Opalescent was introduced in 1880.
  • Don't expect Opalescent to explode in your mouth with sugar: it is more refined than that. Its flavors are measured and delicate, and the crunch is very satisfying.
  • There's nothing like Opalescent in supermarkets today. Think of this apple as a time machine for your mouth. 
  • My review.


  1. I grew this apple for a couple years in Somerville, but year before last it went down hard from fireblight. Seemed to be very susceptible. That year it had it's first fruit on it, so I tried to cut back the blight on every limb except that one. But it succumbed as well before the apple was ripe. So I still have not tasted this one!

    1. Holly, I am sorry about the fireblight! I hope the rest of your trees are thriving.

      Volante Farms, in Needham, has these, or did. I don't know who grows them.


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