Sunday, September 18, 2016

What I'm eating this summer

Sometimes it seems as though I'll go a whole season without having a single Gingergold or Zestar, but this summer I've been enjoying both.

Gingergold starts its run in August a little greenish and tart, but still nice. It mellows out as it peaks towards the start of September.

Zestar's flavors, banana and all, work together very well.

This has also been a great fall for Chestnut Crabapples. My only complaint about these little flavor bombs is that they are so small. A bite necessarily takes out a chunk of the core, pips and all.

Consequently, eating a bunch of Chestnut Crabs is messy. But are they good!

I was also pleased to find Pristine back in August. I hope these will be regularly available from now on.

There were some Macouns for sale yesterday, but they'd be pretty green. So I made myself wait at least a little longer.

Something too look forward to.


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