Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out with the old

Spigold and Lady mark the changing of the guard.
Warm new year's wishes to all of my readers.

2014 brought an uneven apple harvest but a bumper crop of your thoughts and comments.

I look to my readers for depth, facts, and stories unknown to me. Thank you all for helping me to keep things real here at Adam's Apples.

My own work felt sparser to me in 2014, with new varieties (new to me, that is) harder to come by.

That last part is not surprising. Nonetheless, not only did I add another 17 varieties to my opinionated catalog of apples, I also published more frequently this year than in 2013, experimenting with a few new things.

Oh, and I ate about 483 apples in 2015. (Yes I counted them; report to follow.)

Very best wishes and hopes for the new year to you and to yours!

Bud well, bear well
God send you fare well;
Every sprig and every spray
A bushel of apples next New Year Day. 

Worcester Apple Wassail 


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