Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apples missing and missed

Notwithstanding my cheerful posts about the many apples you can still buy in January: In any given year there will be some varieties that are not available.


This year, for instance, Macoun is scarce and often disappointing if available. These grow in the Northeast, which had an uneven harvest this fall.

Last year this great apple was good to eat (and available) through late March.

Pacific Rose has not been sold in New England for the past few years, seemingly, though the grower has had plenty for export:

This is a great variety, one of the best of the generally good New Zealand apples. (I give it two stars.)

It's inevitable that the menu will change from year to year, but the choices in January are still interesting and surprisingly varied.

Hope springs eternal: @PacificRoseAppl could reconsider next year and steer some of those P Roses our way.


  1. Interesting that you are not getting the Macouns, in the same year that they first showed up in my supermarket in California.

    1. In California? That is interesting.

      It's tempting to think, like an economist, of something called the Wholesale Market that works efficiently like a sort of undifferentiated mass, a single pool from which all retailers drink.

      I suspect the truth is more complicated than that. Some suppliers have Macouns, and some retailers have relationships with those suppliers.

      And some don't.


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