Saturday, October 25, 2014

The hills of autumn

Autumn Hills barn
About an hour from Boston, not far south of the New Hampshire border, is a no-frills pick-your own apple orchard with hills, thrills, and hundreds of trees full of fruit. It's called Autumn Hills Orchard, in the town of Groton.

This is not a place for anything but fruit. You cannot, at least as of this writing, buy cider, donuts, kettle corn, or maple candy. There is no hay ride or corn maze. If the weather is bad, call first because they just might close up early.

But on a nice day you can bring a picnic to tables up on the central ridge in the orchard overlooking the apples and take in the sun and the breeze.

From the height of the land you can see Monadnock and Wachusett and miles of fall color.

There is also a good mix of modern and heritage pears, berries, grapes, stone fruit, and of course apples.

That's what you came for, isn't it?

Orchard map
A tree-by-tree map of Autumn Hills, which covers more than 80 acres. Click to enlarge.
P.S.: This is a big place with a small parking lot. Groups of 12 or larger should call ahead to reserve a place.

Also, here it is on a map.

Pillars of green and orange tower over the fruit trees at Autumn Hills Orchard.


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