Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good eating

The idea when I started this blog 6 years ago today was to blog about apples "to use the web to view the world."

Since then I've learned a lot about apples but also about blogging, technology, still photography, and writing for the web.

These "but also" things have always been very much a part of the project for me, though I've never made much ado about that side of things on this blog.

I would like to take this anniversary to note, however, that I am experimenting with various social media. Adam's Apples has a Twitter account and a Google+ page, and I plan to take Pinterest for a spin this summer.

You can view any of these things without having an account yourself.

I find these new channels fun and interesting in the same way that I found blogging fun and interesting back in 2008.

The most important social medium of all, however, has always been your comments here, both as vital points of interest and as a measure of my success. It is still possible to jump in to the conversation here anonymously or with a pen name.

Bedewed apple in the mist
I am pleased to say that this blog has never gotten stale for me, though there are ebbs and flows and I do not push myself to post so much in the off season as I once did.

Still, I am always trying to improve things, wrestling with the happy problem of how to organize an ever-growing body of work.

Today I am introducing one small change, a Contact page with information about how to reach me, leave a comment, subscribe to posts, and follow Adam's Apples directly or though social media.

There's a permanent link to the Contact page from the tabs under the banner at the top of the page.

To make room for Contact (in an interface that is already cluttered) I am retiring the link to my Journey page. That page shows all my blog posts in the order that I wrote them, starting with June 23, 2008.

This view is meaningful to me to retrace my growth both as an apple enthusiast and a blogger and photographer. I do not see how this journey can hold much charm for others.

Still, the page remains. It's just off the menu.

Every year it is harder to find untasted varieties to review for the first time, yet I am sure there will be some this fall.

Perhaps this year I will not find so many. If so I will instead have more time to spend enjoying my personal favorites of the harvest, to which I am so looking forward.



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