Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not with a bang

"We're freezing out here."--Overheard today at farmers market.

It didn't snow, but the last day of farmers market in Belmont was bleak and raw.

Belmont followed the end of Arlington, which followed Lexington for the year this week.

There were more than a score of wonderful apple choices, similar to last week's haul of 26 varieties and with a few late-season additions like King Luscious.

I can't say exactly what, since one vendor with about a dozen varieties was so dispirited that they did not bother to label their fruit—just take what looks good at $1.00 a pound.

("Just take what looks good" is not bad advice any time of year, when in doubt.)

So I will spare you the litany of apple names, but it is not at all too late to stock up for the winter. Some urban markets continue through Thanksgiving (Davis Square in Somerville and Central Square in Cambridge have some of the same vendors). Orchards and farm stands also remain open, loaded with fruit.

Still it's bittersweet to say so long for the year.


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