Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do not adjust your set

These two apples from the past year really look this way:

These are, left to right, San Rosé and Rienette Simirenko (aka Woods Greening).

They do look distorted, don't they? Not what the eye expects. They are true photos though: the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy of my collection.

I could tweak these images to make them look "normal." It would just require me to edit the html for this post and change four numbers.

But, that would be wrong.

Oh heck, I'll do it.

Heh! There's really no obvious clue that these are phony.

For the record, my photos are not faked or photoshopped. I will sometimes adjust the exposure or color balance a little (mostly on landscape shots) where this seems truer to life.

By the way, photos of all my apples are on this page.


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