Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They're here.

A week earlier than last year, our first New England apples of the season were in a box at the Arlington Farmers Market today.

These are Jersey Macs, which were not memorable last summer. But this year they occupy a place of honor. Biting into the first one cuts the ribbon to a season of local fruit.

What's that like? Their crunch, their tang, and the fragility of their flesh all proclaim unmistakably that these are home-grown apples fresh off the tree.

Also: Their seeds, though large and fully formed, are completely white, a clue that Jersey Mac is not ripe yet. Compared to last year's experience, I have to say I prefer them this way.

These apples come from an orchard in central Massachusetts, not quite my back yard but closer than the Jazz that made its way from New Zealand to my supermarket to my lunch.

Dare I hope for Vista Bella next week?


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