Monday, July 27, 2009

Full circle

The crisp taste of a Vista Bella--subject of my first review and excellent harbinger of the harvest season--reminds me that I've been blogging apples for a year.

A year is what I signed up for. It's been an unexpectedly rich experience for me.

Indeed, I've had such a good time, and feel such keen enthusiasm for the harvest to come, that I plan to see what the next year will bring too.

I don't suppose I will post quite so often, since I've tasted so many of the low-hanging (easy-to-find) fruit.

Vista Bella, by the way, remains a refreshing opener, tart but light, and crisp, with hints of berries. Like many early apples, when unbroken it has no aroma that I can smell at all.

This will be the last of these boring "introspective" posts for a while.


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