Sunday, January 11, 2009

An explanation

Yesterday's tasting review, like many of late, lagged the actual eating by nearly a month.

I need a little time to write up a posting from my initial notes. Sometimes I don't have time to do this right away, and I usually put a little extra research elbow grease into things.

But I've also held a few back deliberately, to stretch things into the winter. I have one such delayed post to go.

In retrospect I'm not sure this was the best plan. Apples are intimately linked to season and there's something contrary about serving the last of autumn in January. On the other hand I'm still enjoying apples that were picked then, and there is in any case usually a gap between when my fruit is harvested and the day I buy it.

I do have some winter apple posts in the works, too.


  1. How or where do you store your apples? Do you have a way of doing that that helps them retain maximum flavor?


  2. Nina, refrigerate your apples if you can, it keeps them much fresher. I've just been keeping mine in various bags, with little labels, in the back of my fridge. A cellar or mudroom works too.

    The most sophisticated storage method, called controlled-atmosphere, involves storing the fruit in a gas mix that inhibits further ripening and spoilage. As a side effect apples stored in this way can lose flavor, at least temporarily, so there are trade-offs involved. I believe many of the off-season apples I've bought in supermarkets use this method.

    This would really make a good subject for a future column, thanks!


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